1st post

Hi everyone!!

So originally I was planning on being mysterious and staying anonymous because I didn’t want my family and friends reading my blog or whatever. Which sounds even more lame now that I’m thinking about it more because they’re probably the only people who would read this anyway. Long story short, I’ve decided to abandon that quite frankly awful idea and introduce myself. My name is Maddie. I am a sophomore in high school, I turn 16 this September. I know you’re more than likely thinking that I’m really young and you don’t care what I think or care about. Can’t argue with you there. I’m also not going to give you some long spheel about how you should just read my blog and how I’m really mature for my age and shit like that. (However I wont lie to you I also second guessed writing shit on here because I don’t want my mom to see that.) Carrying on. I am a cheerleader and I’m planning on playing softball this spring. I enjoy reading and watching Netflix, so I’m guessing were not that different considering you’re reading a blog and you’re human so you watch Netflix. Also I spend a good amount of time going on ice cream runs.

So I created this blog because I find myself writing things down a lot that seem like they might relate to people other just than me. On top of that I’m often times evaluating random topics in life that really don’t relate to me at all and I don’t know why I care about them. But hey maybe you’ll enjoy them too lol.

Thanks for reading. Expect updates regularly:)


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