The Impassioned Unseen

wsasg9c4e5fnvbfwlmliYou might be wondering what it is that the impassioned unseen means.

When I knew I wanted to create a blog the first thing that came to mind was that I needed a name. And no I didn’t want it to just straight up be my name like all my other social media. So 21 Pilots has a song released called Not Today. The lyrics “It’s ok though, because it represents, wait better yet, it is,Who I feel I am right now” appear. And yes Tyler is talking about his song. But I felt this also applied to the name of my blog.

You see, to me it seems that no one has one side to them. And so I’m not really sure that I believe the whole thing when people say one of their friends changes around other people. Like they’re two-faced. Because I feel like we adjust ourselves for everyone. We wont always have the same comfort levels around everyone. No one can expect that. A personality will always differ, but as for me, I feel I have two more defined and general sides.

I actually asked some of my friends for words that they felt described me. Most of them said something along the lines on happy. But most of the time I didn’t feel that way, but somehow they didn’t know that. Which is how I got the word unseen. Because I looked at myself in an entirely different light than they saw me in. Odd, is it not?

The impassioned is simpler. I’m simply a passionate person when it comes to what I’m thinking and what I’m feeling.

Which is also the irony in the name.

I feel so passionately, yet it seems my friends hardly know me.


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