i’m sorry

i would just like to genuinely apologize for the past 7 months because all i have done is written nonsense about my sad life. but fuck am i an idiot.

with no exaggeration what so ever i have literally been walking in the same circle of my own self pity and i have failed to look up to smell the flowers. because for some bizarre reason i thought that smelling the flowers was not for me. that they-the happy ones could smell the flowers, but not me, never me. but honestly literally no one has a good life, they just have positivity. they look at the shitty situation and say screw it.

And maybe we cant be the happy ones but at least we can pretend to be. because pretending to have a good time is better than moping around all day knowing you are having an absolutely miserable time.

i am truly sorry you had to read about me being dramatic about the shitty world we are forced to deal with because thats all we can do-deal with it.


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