Losing a friend is hard. But losing a best friend is harder. I’ve begun to notice a detailed pattern in my life, I truly cannot hold on to a best friend. Mainly because I always give in. I allow other people to snatch my glorious place while I sit on the sidelines not even mildly shocked. Just accepting my brutal defeat and move on. Because I have never deserved a best friend, or maybe I always chose the wrong ones. I couldn’t tell you.

Because suddenly everyone is severely selfish and disgustingly lazy and careless and always expectant of the very best you could give. We are a society that believes the world will without fail always revolve around our sweet, precious hearts. But no. We are not glorious and we are not beautiful. We are broken and manipulative. And no one will ever stop to notice the emptiness that is forming behind our eyes. The darkness that is being spread through our words. Our breath is destructive and our steps are diminishing any hope that green grass would ever sprout again. We are hopeless. We are the creators of the 21st century.


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